Why use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics logoSearch engine optimization (SEO) and keywords have become central to any digital marketing strategy. But they only work when you have an insight into how people actually use your site. Using Google Analytics is the best way to achieve higher organic listings and more conversion on Google AdWords.

Google Analytics is the leading tool for monitoring traffic to your website. It provides a wealth of information about visitors to your site. However, many businesses struggle to interpret Google Analytics reports.  Here are a few things to keep an eye on:

Social media referrals

Google Analytics reports can track whether you get more traffic from Facebook. Linked In, Twitter, Google + or Pinterest. You can then use this information to decide on which pages deserve more effort.

Screen shot of Google Analytics showing pie chart

AdWords campaign tracking

If you’re a Google AdWords customer the reports will show you what people do on your website after they click on your ad. This is central to measuring conversions.  Google Analytics show you whether your landing page is converting customers. If it’s not, you can change it.


Google Analytics shows which mobile devices are used most to access your website. You can then specifically tailor your mobile marketing efforts.


Google Analytics tracks which pages are more popular that others. Perhaps a particular blog post, product or service is getting a lot more attention than the others. You can measure this and respond accordingly. This is very useful if you rely on content marketing.


Word cloud with keyword as the search term


Google Analytics can show you which terms people are typing into search engines to access your website. This is invaluable for SEO as you can tell whether your keywords are right.

It’s important to set time aside regularly to properly read Google Analytics reports and review anything on your site that is not serving your business or organisation. 

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