Four must read guides on Google Plus and SEO

It is becoming very clear that there are SEO benefits to being on Google Plus. Google are using Google Plus to personalise search results, and showing a bias towards people and brands with Google Plus accounts. This is known as Google Plus Your World and already features on the US Google site. It seems to be only a matter of time before it’s rolled out world wide.

Here are some blogs to read on Google Plus and SEO:

  1. The video above is from a blog post by Rand Fishkin at SEO Moz. It shows him doing a Google search for his own name and finding his Google Plus page outranks any other content, despite his active blogging on SEO. His advice is that every marketer should be on Google Plus.
  2. MashGoogle Plus logoable have also written how the Google Plus button affects SEO. They found that having a + 1 button indirectly affects SEO by improving your click through rate.
  3. A.J Kohn at Blind Five Year Old has looked at the internal search function of Google Plus and how it is laying the groundwork for social integration.  He wrote that adding keywords to your profile can lead to much higher results.
  4. Rory Martin at Social Media Today wrote about a white paper that experimented with the Google Plus 1 and Facebook Like buttons. SEO Effects discovered that, despite Facebook having more users, the Google Plus button was much more beneficial to brands.

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