Facebook algorithm changes

Noticed that your Facebook posts aren’t getting the response that they used to? It could be due to Facebook changing its algorithm on 20th September.

Paid posts now have a far greater reach than even popular, viral posts that are organic. Some brands used paid ads on Facebook to get fans. They are now effectively paying double to reach people who already like their page.

EdgeRank Facebook logoFacebook’s EdgeRank algorithm controls the visibility of posts. It is determined by the interaction between an individual user and a page. Fans who view the page more regularly, see more posts. This has now been tweaked to favour those who have paid for posts. This has provoked a storm of criticism, particularly from brands whose Facebook reach has tanked. 

Reach dropping, engagement rising

Graph showing 38% drop in Facebook page reach

A study by media buying company, Group M Next investigated the reach of a cross section of 25 brand pages after the recent change. It showed a 38% drop in how many fans of the brand actually saw their status updates.

This belies Facebook’s denial that organic status updates are hidden from fans.

graph showing engagement with Facebook posts up 96%The only silver lining for brands is that another change to the EdgeRank algorithm takes into account ‘amplified reach’, friends of fans interacting with your posts. This has meant  engagement rates have nearly doubled.


Seems brands will have to up the ante on their Facebook spend to appeal to the majority of their fans while also focusing on new ways to get better EdgeRank results on Facebook by posting more images and fewer links, for example.

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