ChatterHound offers a Google AdWords consulting package to help you improve your online business. A few low-cost AdWords ads and landing pages targeted at your customers will lead to sales. With ChatterHound’s AdWords consulting, you pitch only to people who are actively searching for your product or service. You’ll see significant new traffic and conversion results within weeks.

Creating an AdWords campaign can take time. Some experience is needed to navigate and optimize it. It’s also important to integrate Google Analytics conversion tracking capabilities into your AdWords campaigns.

ChatterHound can help set up your Google AdWords account and get you started. After this initial phase we’ll manage your campaigns and deliver measurable results.

We can also credit new AdWords accounts with an initial voucher from Google.

What is included in ChatterHound's AdWords consulting package?


We’ll identify the best words for your target audience, and optimize the keywords to generate conversions.


We can write your ads and tailor them to your market.

Customised landing pages

AdWords ads that link to specific landing pages are more successful than ads that link to standard web pages.

Clicks and conversions

We can track all your results with Google Analytics. We not only monitor click-through rate (CTR) but also conversions-per-click (the number of sales, inquiries or subscriptions from people who clicked on the AdWords ad).

Reporting and reviewing

We test variations of keywords, ads and landing pages to see what’s generating revenue for you. When we see what’s working, AdWords campaigns can be modified to get the best results.

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