Google Analytics helps you track visitors to your website for free. Although it is often used with Google AdWords, it can be used without AdWords to make your website more effective.

Although it’s easy to get a free Google Analytics account, it can be hard to manage and know hot to extract the correct information. Even if you are skilled at reading metrics, it may not be obvious how best to optimise your website. Installing the Google Analytics script in your web pages is only an initial step in the process of gathering information you can use and making the most of it.

Here is what ChatterHound can do to help you with Google Analytics:

ChatterHound will help you set up Google Analytics and implement these steps to attract new customers, retain existing customers and boost revenue.


We will work with you to define objectives for your website that can be measured


We will configure Analytics filters so that you can read the information accurately

E-Commerce Tracking

Calculate the value of a conversion to your website.


Review whether your investment in your website is paying off.

Custom Reports

We can set up custom reports which will be emailed to you at regular intervals. These reports will give you a snapshot of how your website is performing.

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